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  • Discover what the most recent research says about the pain-brain connection. 

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Hey, I'm Maks. I wrote this ebook. 

If you’ve been battling chronic joint pain for years, you don’t need MORE exercise.

You also don’t need MORE self-myofascial release, cortisone injections, stretching or whatever else. 

What you need is pain education.

What is pain education? It’s the conceptual and practical understanding of how chronic and complex pain works.

Pain comes from the brain. Not the hips, back, shoulder, neck, or any other area of the body.

When I was desperately looking for relief to my chronic pain symptoms, I tried just about every exercise modality you can think of to feel better.

Some exercises helped.  Others didn’t. But the pain and achiness would eventually come back. I was stuck in the pain-relief loop where I constantly looked for the newest thing to feel better.

It wasn’t until I committed to mastering my pain-brain that I finally saw permanent long-term relief.

Sensations of discomfort still come up for me because I’m human, but I now understand what they mean and how to respond in a wiser and healthier way.

I wrote this ebook because it became clear to me that my experience is not unique. Most people who reach out to me for help with chronic pain and complex movement problems have not spent enough time developing a foundation of pain education.

Without this foundation, exercise is useless. If you don’t change how you respond to pain signals, you won’t feel better.

My mission in life is to teach you how to move with more ease and comfort. But this is not possible if you don’t master the pain-brain first.

This eBook will teach you lessons that will change your relationship to pain forever.


Buy the ebook for only $5

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