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Learn WHY you are in hip pain and WHAT to do about it with the AER Method. 

Step 1 - Assess your Hip and Full Body Function 

Learn how imbalance and dysfunction shows up in your body with assessment video tutorials. 

Step 2 - Work on exercises that improve function and restore balance

Choose from curated follow along workouts or hand-pick individual exercises that target your unique movement imbalances. 

Step 3 - Perform reflections to improve your pain education

Weekly reflections include educational content, journaling assignments and guided medtations to help you learn the psychological and neurological components of pain.  


18 Assessment Videos

Assessments to help identify how imbalance and dysfunction shows up in your body.  

10 Exercise Routines

Follow along workouts that are recommended based on your assessment performance. 

41 Individual Exercises

The exercise database is categorized by movement so you can target your areas of focus. 

8 Weeks of Reflections

Weekly reflections on the psychological and neurological components of pain. 

I was where YOU are.  In chronic hip pain and looking for answers.  And I've tried MANY things that don't work. 


What others are saying after using the AER method:

Working with Maks and the AER Method transformed not only the way I move but also the way I think. I'm no longer in pain, I feel stronger than ever and more empowered to understand my body and mind.

Emma C.

Working through the AER method with Maks has given me hope, and helped me climb out of a very dark hole. I recommend that anyone managing through chronic hip pain take on Maks's program. 

Brian S. 

After working through the AER method for 6 months, I have seen great gains in my hip function and flexibility. My hip pain has gone away almost completely, my mind is more at ease and I believe my overall physical ability is better now than it was before I was injured.

Mike L. 

Build back happy hips by finally targeting the root cause of your hip pain. 

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Get Happy Hips Now


Get Happy Hips Now

Hey, I'm Maks. 

Creator of the Happy Hips Course. 

Years ago, I felt like my body just gave up on me. Debilitating hip pain kept me from living my life. It became impossible for me to go hiking, play sports, or be active at all. My life came to a halt.

Nothing was more crushing than being told that the only way out of pain was surgery. I also know what it’s like when physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections or other alternative methods don’t help.

I eventually realized that nobody was going to fix me. I had to put the future of my hip health into my own hands. I had to break through the discomfort. I had to challenge my physical limitations and false beliefs. Staying humble and understanding I had to go backwards before going forwards.

Years later, my movement practice has turned me into a different person. I no longer have hip pain but I DO have a greater appreciation for life. It is your right to enjoy being your true self - active, happy and pain-free. It is my life’s work to help you get there.