How Mike beat FAI in both hips without surgery.

chronic hip pain fai hip impingement hip labral tear testimonial Jan 10, 2022
Beating FAI without surgery

I became a client of Maks in July 2021 after a bout of hip pain and have been using his products and services ever since. 

It all started with a sharp pinching sensation in my groin and after a week or so, both of my hips locked up and my range of motion went to very little.

I could not kick to my waist level. I am a Karate Instructor so in my business, this is not a great look when you still appear young and fit.

I had constant hip pain and eventually low and upper back pain every day. Doctors said I had FAI on both sides and labral damage. 

I was sent to physical therapy and after that didn’t work, I was told I needed surgery. 

I was struggling with feeling hopeless and dejected about my situation. I came across some resources online and became convinced that my pain was not really about FAI. 

After reading and watching Maks's content for a few months, I felt like he was on to something with the role of the brain and nervous system in chronic pain. 

I decided to purchase his eBook, Mastering the Pain-Brain.  The message in this eBook is so important. I know Maks is just passing along what the research says about pain science but it is something everyone needs to know. 

I eventually purchased the Happy Hips program and also worked 1-on-1 with Maks through his online coaching. Purchasing these products was some of the best money I've ever spent for my body and mind. 

It was important to me that Maks had gone through the same issues as me and had come out the other side stronger. It gave me hope that this was something I could beat.

It also took a load off of me from trying to be my own program designer. I was spending about 1.5 hours or more every day on massage, stretching and exercises and it was wearing me out physically and mentally.  

Maks was able to help me slow down and relax. I think many of us relate to the manic search for a cure early in the process and his advice to SLOW DOWN was so important for me.

Looking back I think all the hip exercises, stretching and foam rolling I did early on really made my problem worse and increased the duration of the problem. 

Maks helped me realize that resolving chronic pain is not just about moving more or finding the "right" exercises. It is a more complex issue than it seems.

Maks was the calming and moderating voice I needed thru some of my worst times. Often we cannot see what is the best decision for ourselves because we are too close to the problem and we need that outside perspective to help us back off and slow down.

One piece of wisdom that stays with me is what Maks says about consciousness and working in "the space between thoughts and behavior" which shows that we don't have to be slaves to our brain signals.

We have some control over our response. That's where we have to work. It gives us a sense of empowerment and hope that we can overcome the "pain brain" or at least we are not helpless to chemicals and electric impulses. 

Working through Maks's programs, my hip pain has gone away almost completely, my mind is more at ease and I believe my overall physical ability is better now than it was before I was injured.

I am now able to play on the playground with my 2 year old daughter without fear of damaging my body. 

Before I was training with Maks I feared I would never be able to move my hips without pain, would need to close my business and change careers and was destined for hip surgery and arthritis.

The lessons Maks shares about chronic pain need to be more widely known but I know the challenge is its not very profitable.

Everyone wants an easy fix of surgery, physical therapy, orthotics, supplements whatever. Let me pay some money and get a quick fix.

Telling people there is no magic fix and it's going to take a lot of time and self growth to achieve relief isn't going to blow the doors off for a lot of people. But I guess the benefit to all of this is it helps us mature and grow in our self knowledge and go deeper into the human condition.

We Americans feel like we have to always go go go and one of the blessings of my chronic issues has been to make me slow down a bit and have a more balanced life.

Keep up the good work Maks and I look forward to seeing more of what you have in store for us!