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Hey, I'm Maks. 

Years ago, I felt like my body just gave up on me. Debilitating hip pain kept me from living my life. It became impossible for me to go hiking, play sports, or be active at all. My life came to a halt.

Nothing was more crushing than being told that the only way out of pain was surgery. I also know what it’s like when physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections or other alternative methods don’t help.

I eventually realized that nobody was going to fix me. I had to put the future of my hip health into my own hands. I had to break through the discomfort. I had to challenge my physical limitations and false beliefs. Staying humble and understanding I had to go backwards before going forwards.

Years later, my movement practice has turned me into a different person. I no longer have hip pain but I DO have a greater appreciation for life. It is your right to enjoy being your true self - active, happy and pain-free. It is my life’s work to help you get there.

1-on-1 Sessions can be done in-person or online via Skype.  In-person sessions are held at Zing Fitness in Tenafly, NJ.  Once you purchase a beginner package, you'll get a link to my schedule and be able to choose between in-person or Skype. 

The 4-Session Beginner Package is Structured as Follows: 


In the first session, we perform assessments for all 6 major hip movements to determine your current hip function.  If there is any time left in the session, I’ll assign exercises that I immediately notice will be helpful to you based on the assessments. 

Finalize Training Plan.

The second session is usually scheduled 1 week after the assessments.  In this session, we add the remaining exercises to your training plan. You will receive a training plan via email the next day.  

Review Technique.

The third session is scheduled 2 weeks later so you can perform the training program a few times on your own.   During the third session, you’ll perform the entire training plan in front of me to ensure you are performing each exercise with optimal technique.  

Progress and Reflect. 

The final session is scheduled 2 weeks later.  In this session, we progress exercises and make modifications in training volume.  We'll also discuss next steps in your training.  

Get the Beginner Package for $599

Have you tried DIY courses for hip pain that didn't work?

  • DIY online courses are a great way to start improving your hip function but there is no substitution for 1-on-1 instruction. 

  • Having a coach objectively assess and critique your movements is how one truly makes strides in their movement practice. 

  • An experienced coach can suggest a modification that can completely change the value of an exercise. Without this guidance, many exercises lose their intended purpose. 

Have you tried other "Conservative Treatments" like Physical Therapy ("PT")?

  • PT operates through insurance and supports the surgical model for treating chronic joint pain. Because surgery is considered the "gold standard" for treating conditions like FAI or arthritis, PT is often just a prerequisite before surgery. 

  • Under this model, PT is used to support patients before and after surgery instead of healing the hip pain itself. 

  • In addition, many PT clinics have boilerplate rehab programs for everyone with a particular diagnosis. This can work great for someone who breaks a leg or sprains an ankle but is ineffective for complex chronic hip pain issues. 

  • Every BODY is different and every BODY needs a unique training plan that addresses their individual hip limitations. The PT industry does not acknowledge that 10 people can be diagnosed with something like FAI but all can be in pain because of completely different reasons.

Have you worked with other personal trainers before without seeing a difference in your hip pain?

  • When looking for a personal trainer to support your healing journey, It's important to work with someone that has experience helping people in pain. 
  • Most of the demand for personal trainers is for weight loss, body composition and strength.  These are great goals but they are very different from educating the body how to move with less pain and more function. 

  • You have a specific intention for your search - using exercisers to get out of pain. Make sure you find a movement professional that can support this intention.  

What clients are saying about working with Maks:

The Beginner Package includes: 

  • Four 55 minute sessions with Maks in-person or on Skype. 

  • Full hip function assessment. 

  • Comprehensive training plans with hyperlinks to private exercise videos for technique instruction. 

  • Undivided attention and total commitment to your progress. 

  • Email access to Maks for any questions or concerns. 

Get the Beginner Package for $599